A woman in Hong Kong has been arrested for the brutal murder of her 12-year-old daughter. The 37-year-old woman, identified by her last name Cao, allegedly killed the young girl and chopped up her body using a meat cleaver.

The crime came to light on 18 December when local police visited her apartment in the Mong Kok area over an unrelated issue wherein a neighbour complained that Cao had not returned his phone.

Superintendent Chung Chi-ming, the Assistant District Commander of Mongkok District, reported that the woman was found standing outside her home. When she refused to let them into the flat, the authorities broke the lock and entered.

Once inside, they found a bathtub clogged with human organs including a severed head.

"Police officers reached the scene and located a woman in uncooperative manner. Officers then forcibly entered the cubicle and found some sections of human body inside the bathroom," a statement by the police read.

A total of 12 bags of human remains were transported from the scene of the crime.

"Her head, organs and body had been mutilated. The bathroom had flooded which was affecting neighbouring flats," Chung said.

A neighbour said that on Sunday (17 December) she heard chopping noises, which lasted for about half an hour and claimed there was a strong antiseptic odour coming from the apartment.

The police were not able to question Cao immediately since she was not in a stable state of mind. "We have to wait for her condition to get better before the investigation," Chung added.

According to Apple Daily, the mother is a two-time divorcee, originally from mainland China. She had been living at the apartment for the past two years and worked as a masseuse. Her first husband and father of the victim reportedly lives in China.