Passengers aboard a London bus have been left shocked after a seemingly tipsy couple started having sex on the top deck.

Surrounded by other passengers, the randy couple made no attempts to be subtle with the woman completely naked on the man's lap.

Another passenger at the front of the bus managed to film the event while most others awkwardly stared out the window.

According to The Sun, they boarded the No 149 bus in Shoreditch at midnight on 20 December.

One passenger described the scene: "The woman got naked and the bloke had his trousers down. It was pretty obvious that they were having sex on the top deck.

"Other passengers were being very British about it and just looking out the window and pretending to ignore what was going on.

"It's an unbelievable place to have sex. The top deck of a London bus to Edmonton is not exactly the most romantic place in the world."

The driver eventually kicked the couple off. They were treated to a round of applause as they left.