Erdogan Guzel
Erdogan Guzel, 42, was killed in a drive-by shooting in London's Wood Green Facebook

Scotland Yard has bailed six men over the death of Erdoğan Güzel, 42, in an alleged bungled drive-by shooting by Jamaican Yardie gangsters.

The Turkish father-of-two was gunned down outside Brothers Bakery in Wood Green, north London, on Friday (10 July).

Sonya Gencheva, 51, was also left fighting for her life when suspected Jamaican Yardies missed rival gang members and accidentally shot the pair.

Officers from the Homicide and Major Crime Command (HMCC) arrested six suspects at Gatwick airport and three others at an address in Hornsey on Tuesday (14 July).

The six arrested at Gatwick were three males and three females aged 16, 16, 20, 21, 25 and 61. They were arrested on suspicion of murder or conspiracy to murder and have all been bailed to dates in mid-September.

Three men, aged 23, 26 and 55 - were arrested at an address in Hornsey on suspicion of murder and have also bailed to dates in mid-September.

Detectives believe the shooting was as a result of a bitter feud between gangs and workers along Londship Lane, where the violence broke out, and have claimed a gang of Jamaicans pulled the trigger.

"This was not Turkish. This was two black gangs. This was Jamaican Yardies," one Turkish shopkeeper told IBTimes UK.

"They were aiming for a rival group that was stood outside the restaurant next to the bakery. But when the group saw them they started running. That is why they missed and shot the bakery."