World of Tanks
A screenshot from the Xbox One version of World Of Tanks

Wargaming has announced that World Of Tanks is coming to PS4 and it will be free-to-play for all users with a PlayStation Network account. That means it will not be limited to those with PS Plus subscriptions needed to play most games with online multiplayer.

PS4 owners in possession of a PS Vita will also be able to play the hugely popular PC title via remote play. Custom tanks, maps and skins are also coming to the PS4 version of the game, for which no release date has been offered.

"We are happy to announce that there will be exclusive Girls und Panzer content and themes at launch," said developer Wargaming's TJ Wagner on the PlayStation Blog. A beta is planned and those eager to take part can sign up to be part of it on the World Of Tanks website. A trailer was also revealed, which you can watch below.

World Of Tanks has been hugely popular on PC since its initial release in 2010. Starting off in Russia, it quickly spread to China and then the rest of the world in 2011 before arriving on consoles in early 2014 on Xbox 360. An Xbox One version was released in July 2015.

The 30-player online multiplayer game has multiple game modes and generates revenue through micro transactions that include new tanks and skins.

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