To celebrate World Vegan Day today, we've paid homage to how far ethical fashion has come by exploring the world of vegan leather.

Vegan leather is now often indistinguishable from the real thing and only costs a fraction of the price to make. New kinds of vegan leather are made from either cork or kelp, however for the most part materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane and textile-polymer composite microfibres are used. Most importantly, they're easily available from a range of places.

Matt and Nat

For high quality bags and shoes this is your place to go. The aesthetic is clean and minimal and looks exactly like an expensive leather good. With numerous styles including satchels and yoga bags, they really have you covered. Prices start at £80 and go up to around £160.


This is a UK vegan fashion range specialising in bags. Unlike the minimal aesthetic of Matt and Nat's pieces, bags here can be bright in colour and patterns, while also being kind to the environment. The 'Primrose Hill Set' honours one of London's best spots and features some of their best pouches. Prices start from £40 and go up to around £120.


Lets start by saying the boots on this website look just as sturdy and attractive as real leather. The designs come in classic heeled boots, Chelsea and brogue designs among others. Prices start from £40 and go up to £100.


Despite being located in Germany, NOAH use Italian techniques to create their leather- and cruelty-free shoes. Boots, ballerina flats, trainers; everything can be found on their website. Prices are slightly more luxurious however and start at £100 and go up to around £250.

Stella McCartney

Famous fashion designer Stella McCartney is one of the most well known vegetarians in the business as she refuses to use fur or leather. For anyone looking for shoes and handbags that are high style with strong ethics, the she is a safe bet. Prices reflect this however, and can range from £175 to £1, 500 for bags and

Dr. Martens

The Cherry Red 1461 shoe in Vegan leather. No animal products. Tons of Doc’s attitude. Link in bio.

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Not to everyone's taste but Dr. Martens have cultivated an impressive range of vegan shoes in their classic designs. Whether it's brogues or their famous laced boots, punks and fans alike don't have to invest in real leather if they don't want to. Prices range from £115 to £135.