The performances on episode three of The X Factor were nothing if not eclectic. Comprising a creepy Olly Murs look-a-like, a cheesy, fire-throwing double act, a girl group who were out of this world and one auditionee who got downright nasty with Simon Cowell, the show appeared to have something for everyone, from the weird to the brilliant.

Jamie Benkert left Murs squirming after Simon Cowell noticed the hopeful auditionee's striking resemblance to the singer and presenter, in what he described as a "Single White Female" kind of way.

Sinigng his doppellganger's praises Jamie said: "[Olly's] a great entertainer. He's one of those people you'd love to have a drink with. I'd love him to be one of my friends. I want to be able to be an international superstar like Olly Murs, selling records - like Olly Murs."

Clearly alarmed by the uncanny likeness and his apparent obsession with The X Factor host Simon confronted the contestant. "Listen Jamie, it's like you've been watching Olly for years," said Simon. "Have you ever watched a movie called Single White Female? Olly, you'd better watch it tonight and lock all your doors."

Jamie made it through, but Olly might well be advised to take heed of the advice to watch his back. Meanwhile, Simon was back to being Mr Nasty as he turned down one auditionee after the other. Zen Blythe's quirky image and his rendition of Bastille's Pompeii had the other judges won over, but Simon told him bluntly "I didn't like your voice," leaving Zen less than calm, as the hopeful singer looked ready to burst into tears.

Fellow X Factor hopefuls Danny Charles and Shianne Phillips also found themselves on the wrong side of Cowell, who made no apologies for rejecting them, telling the booing audience to shut up. In comparison, girl group Alien took the stage by storm. Described by Nick Grimshaw as The Spice Girls on Mars, the six strong girl band made an instant impact with their rendition of Black Eyed Peas – Pump It.

The diverse group, who wore an array of glittery baggy pants, studded caps and skin tight leggings, received a standing ovation from the live audience and for once the judges agreed, sending them straight through to bootcamp.

While Simon Lynch gave the strongest vocal performance with his rousing rendition of Beyonce's If I Were A Boy, the award for performance of the night goes to Bupsi. Channelling her inner Tina Turner for a performance of Rock Me Baby, the aspiring musician began her seduction of Simon after he demanded that she was 'nastier'.

'If only I could come down here to you, Simon,' she responded shedding her initially demure demeanour to reveal her "nasty" side as she proceeded to give Simon a lap dance and crawled onto the judging table. Bupsi's brazen routine won her a place in boot camp and unsurprisingly she was a favourite for Simon. " I loved it when you got on the desk," he exclaimed.

The third show of the new series however, garnered a less favourable response on social media, with fans divided over the standard of performances and the judge's decisions.