The X Factor's Mr Nasty Simon Cowell unleashed his venom when he hit out at auditionee Mason Noise in a dramatic on-stage showdown. The wannabe rapper took to the stage for the Six Chair Challenge and delivered a slick performance, but it all went horribly wrong when his ego got the better of him.

In a case of what Rita Ora described as "the Kanye West effect" he ruined his chances by throwing a hissy-fit over the lack of screen time he was given on an earlier show. After his performance the rapper launched into an ill-judged tirade, before mentor Nick Grimshaw could even give his verdict on the performance.

"Yo, hold on - I've got something to say," he declared. Addressing the audience he said: " You know what, I invite you all to film this - put up your phones. They ain't going to throw 5,000 people out." His arrogance instantly had Simon riled as the judge snapped back: "What gives you the right to say that?" "I'll go for it straight," Mason replied attempting to explain himself. "The first auditions - I watched on Saturday. People had ten minute slots and I went to 47 seconds."

Already fuming at the outburst Simon was not having any of it. "Why don't you shut up? Don't tell me how long you should have on this show. " As the audience turned on him, Mason attempted to justify his behaviour claiming: "I'm bringing entertainment back. Don't boo me! I'm doing this for you! I'm doing this for entertainment."

While the other judges squirmed in their seats, the successful auditionees swivelled their chairs round turning their backs on the outrageous display. "This is going horribly wrong," said Olly Murs. Simon called on Mason to apologise to the show's producers but his request was snubbed point blank. "You are five seconds away from getting thrown off this stage...If you've got a problem, then go," he said finally.

Dropping his mike, Mason walked off the stage leaving the judges and the rest of the hopeful singers with jaws dropping.

Nick Grimshaw's frustration was evident as he was overhead saying: "He would have had a chair." The full of himself wannabe showed no remorse over the incident and later posted details of his single, Over Me on social media. He tweeted: "Glad your all still listening. Love yall."

Speaking on The Xtra Factor about the incident, the Radio 1 DJ said: "Mason ticked a lot of boxes because he's a performer. But when it comes to six chair, before we'd even come to a vote he kicked off." He added that he fully intended to give Mason a chair. "100% To go on there and do that. It annoyed me because he was someone I would tune in to watch every week.

X Factor fans on Twitter were also less than impressed.