It was the final chance for the X Factor hopefuls to show the judges what they are made of. Some came out fighting, others buckled under the pressure, as they put their fates in the judges hands.

Simon Cowell, Rita Ora, Nick Grimshaw and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini were calling the shots as the auditionees sang for their lives for what was for many, the last time. "Now you know why it's called Boot Camp," said Simon.

Anton Stephans summed up the magnitude of the occasion. "This performance could change my life," he said. An established backing singer for the likes of Elton John, for 45-year-old Stephans it's possibly the last chance for him to go it alone.

And he didn't hold back, with a performance that reduced Olly Murs to tears and left Simon awestruck. "There is so much going on in his head... I just find him fascinating," said the head judge.

24-year-old Sean Miley Moore couldn't hold back his emotion as he performed Donny Hathaway/ Ray Charles's A Song For You. The singer , who left his native Australia to forge a music career in the UK said he hoped his parents would be proud of him.

"I grew up in Australia. My dad is a banker so when I told him I wanted to be a performer, he was like 'whhhhat'. For me they want security and the music world is very unstable. I tell them that I'm going to make it and that I'll make this fantasy a reality. Hopefully they're watching all the way from Australia."

Monica Michael, 25, who lost out at last year's auditions had the support of the judges despite a flaw in her performance of Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine. She wants this bad," said Rita, as Simon added: "She is not perfect, there is always a little crack in her voice."

Italian born Davide Papasidero had hoped to make an impact with his "exhibition" as he performed a high-pitched version of Titanium. Walking on the stage wearing dramatic black wings, he began to sing but suffered a wardrobe malfunction as he tried to take his cape off. "Sorry I didn't succeed with getting my clothes out," said Davide at the end of his performance.

While Simon found his performance odd to say the least, Rita commented: "In his defence, when he doesn't hit those high, weird notes, he can sing." With the judges in stitches it wasn't quite the reaction he had hoped for, but in the end the judges overlooked the stage mishap as the 24-year-old singing teacher flew through to the six-chair challenge.

Bupsi, Ben Clark and Philippine girl band 4<sup>th Power also made the cut. "We'd be crazy not to put you through," said Rita.

Gospel singers Silvertone left the judges less than impressed when they took to the stage. The band were advised to stick to their gospel roots but seemed to have gone all pop. Following their haphazard performance of Paloma Faith's Changing Simon commented: "I think they've gone back to their old habits again."

"That was stupid," he said. The group made it through the next stage despite their "frustrating" audition, but were warned that there were no more second chances.

The pressure was all too much for 25-year-old dental receptionist Lauren Murray who sang Brownstone's If You Love Me.

She was distraught after her final boot camp audition as she forgot her lyrics. "My mind just went blank for a minute, it was just all a bit much. The competition is just so high this year. It's just all a bit to much," she explained.

Described as the Spice Girls on Mars, girl group Alien's out of this world performance of Rihanna'sDiamonds had the judges won over and unsurprisingly they went through.

A fan favourite Kiera Weathers also appeared to pull it out of the bag for her final bootcamp audition, but Simon was unconvinced. "I don't like her voice," he said to the shock of the other judges. "You don't?" asked Cheryl, bewildered. Fortunately, on this occasion nobody paid any attention to Simon and Keira made it through.

With Boot Camp over, all that was left was for the judges to whittle down the contestants to 15 for each group for the Six Chair Challenge. And now the fun really begins.

The X Factor continues on ITV on Sunday 4 October.