As the next-generation console war begins to heat up, it appears that Sony might be in the lead. Even though Microsoft has been making bold claims regarding its upcoming game system, the lack of hard facts is causing concern among consumers and industry analysts alike. For comparison, details about the PlayStation 5 give people an idea of what to expect. Moreover, images of the dev kit somehow assure fans that the production model is close to completion. Meanwhile, there's nothing to show on the Xbox Scarlett front.

Last month, fans were reportedly anticipating the new console to make its debut at the XO19 event in London. However, what they got were announcements regarding Xbox Game Pass and the state of Project xCloud. While both of these are important elements that will be the backbone of Microsoft's next-generation push, the absence of the Xbox Scarlett is having a negative effect.

2 PS5 dev kits here as well as the new Dualshock 5 which features a slightly larger form, different triggers, etc. Next-gen is right around the corner

I'm still left with 1 question. PS5 info is leaking everywhere. I'm surprised there is still nothing on Scarlett leaks publicly

— Benji-Sales (@BenjiSales) November 30, 2019

A report from Forbes notes that the video game industry believes both the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will launch next year around this time. Nevertheless, the way things are going for Microsoft right now is not looking good. Over the weekend, a clear photo of the actual PS5 dev kit was shared on social media. This gave gamers a first look at what the new system actually looks like.

Now, even third-party developers are voicing their unease at the continued drought of information regarding the new Xbox console. Furthermore, a recent exchange over social media between two well-known gaming industry journalists is casting doubt on whether Microsoft's engineers can make it in time for a 2020 release.

New pic of the #Xbox scarlett dev kit (work in progress)

— Eddie T (@EdwardTurvey) December 1, 2019

On the other hand, there are some who speculate that it might be a tactic to throw off Sony by revealing a more technologically superior machine. Generally, with the pace it has been following, The Redmond, Washington-based tech group is apparently disappointing even those who are loyal to the Xbox brand.

While seeing what the dev kit looks like does not equate to understanding everything about the console, withholding communication is the main problem. In a recent report, Microsoft has been assuring consumers that backward compatibility will be its biggest selling point. So far, Sony has likewise been hinting at supporting its huge library of games from older-generation consoles. Thus, unless The Xbox Scarlett has an ace up its sleeve, the PS5 might come out on top all over again.

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