Xperia Z3
Sony to release new software update to fix the overheating issue on Xperia Z3 Sony

Sony has acknowledged the overheating issue on Sony Xperia Z3+ smartphone.

According to tests conducted by Dutch site GSMinfo, the new Xperia Z3+ handset is experiencing an overheating issue. It reportedly becomes quite warm when the camera or, any such heavy apps are in use. Later, a pop-up appears on the screen with a warning message that the app will be closed as the temperature of the device is too high.

The report further states that the overheating is due to the Snapdragon 810 chip Sony is using inside the Z3+.

Sony has, however, responded by saying an update will be released sometime in the summer solving the problem that seems to be affecting a limited number of devices.

Until the update becomes public, the manufacturer has recommended consumers who are not satisfied with the Z3+ to contact their nearest Sony service centre.

Sony in a statement notes: "The Xperia Z3+ is a high-performance 64-bit octa-core device with advanced camera technology, in some cases, additional heat can cause functions to stop. Enabling applications can also be felt by the user through the glass on the back. This is normal for the unit and should cause no concern."

Recently, there have been reports about the overheating issues on Xperia Z4 (the Xperia Z3+ for users in Japan). Retail shops in Japan have been warning consumers about this issue concerning the Snapdragon 810.

Via Xperiablog