After years of waiting, Square Enix is set to launch its highly anticipated title soon. Fans have reportedly been on the edge of their seats since the first announcement for "Final Fantasy VII Remake" dropped at E3 2015 during the PlayStation conference. The game was originally scheduled for a Tuesday, March 3 release, but it was pushed back to Friday, April 10, after the developers cited that they needed time to add more polish. Now, people are wondering what the game studio has in store after it launches.

During the early phases of its development, it was revealed that it would not encompass the entirety of the original game. Instead, the remake will be divided into several parts, but each one will allegedly be about the same scale as a full-length title. Therefore, the next installments might still be years off. Nevertheless, producer Yoshinori Kitase, who took over the role from Tetsuya Nomura, recently talked about what comes next, according to Comic Book.

Aside from "Final Fantasy VII Remake," some fans have been petitioning Square Enix to consider doing the same for other installments from the franchise. However, it seems that the company's resources are focused on certain projects as of this writing. In an interview, Kitase reportedly spoke about what he wanted to personally work on, if given the green light to do another remake. It turns out that "Final Fantasy V" would have been his pick.

Gamers who might still have doubts about the Square Enix's AAA release next month can actually try out the gameplay right now. A demo for "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is currently available on the PlayStation Store. Reports point out that it is free for all users and clocks in as a 7.55 GB download. It apparently gives access to the first part of the story, which will be nostalgic for those who have played the original. Gameplay-wise, battles are fought in real-time and is more action-oriented.

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' demo now available
A demo for "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is currently available on the PlayStation Store for those interested about the gameplay. Photo: Square Enix

"Final Fantasy VII Remake" will launch as a timed-exclusive for the Sony PlayStation 4. The PC version is slated to come out after a year. Those hoping to play it on Microsoft's platforms might have to wait longer as Square Enix did not confirm if a port would be available.