Holly Willoughby is being panned on social media after giving away a huge spoiler about Star Wars on This Morning.

The 36-year-old co-host of the ITV morning show was told off by John Boyega and accused of "ruining Star Wars" by viewers after making a blunder while interviewing the actor with Phillip Schofield today (13 December).

Speaking to Boyega, who plays Finn in The Last Jedi, Willoughby said: "Fans will be happy Yoda is back!"

A shocked Boyega, 25, replied: "Oh, Holly. Holly. Holly. You can't tell the fans exactly what happens!"

While mother of three Willoughby was insistent that the information was already out there, Boyega was unconvinced.

He said: "Gosh! Things happen, get your ticket. Man, I can't reveal that."

Attempting to have Willoughby's back, co-host Schofield joked: "Maybe Yoda isn't back? Maybe it was just a short alien."

Boyega laughed and said: "Maybe it was me on my knees."

holly willoughby
This Morning presenters Holly and Phillip speak to Star Wars actor John Boyega ITV

Angry Star Wars fans took to Twitter to express their dismay, with one person tweeting: "Well done Holly.......you have just annoyed a lot of Star wars fans #spoileralert".

Another put: "Managed to stay spoiler free for the new Star Wars then Holly on This Morning just casually throws out a huge one judging by John Boyega's reaction."

A third added: "Holly, what have you done! Avoided anything to do with star wars and you drop the yoda bombshell, omg!!" as someone else said: "no one cares about ur Zara skirt holly hun when you've ruined star wars! ! !"

Another viewer referenced Prue Leith's previous Twitter gaffe announcing the Bake Off winner 12 hours before the finale aired, writing: "Prue Leith: I am so sorry to the fans of the show for my mistake this morning, I am in a different time zone and mortified by my error. Holly Willoughby: Hold my beer. #StarWars #ThisMorning".

Boyega revealed that upon receiving the script, he skipped to the end to find out if his character dies.

He told the presenters: "I like to go to the end of the script and just see what happens and just see if I survive first."

Boyega landed the role of main character, stormtrooper Finn, in the highly anticipated franchise revival, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was released in 2015.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is out tomorrow (14 December).

Star Wars The Last Jedi
Luke Skywalker inside the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars The Last Jedi Disney Movies/Lucasfilm