Young Sheldon released only one episode of its first season, and already, the lead, Iain Armitage has earned positive reviews for his performance. The nine-year-old is currently making the rounds to promote his show ahead of episode 2 and made an appearance on The Ellen Show, which airs on 30 October.

During his interview, he spoke about a special moment during the 69<sup>th Primetime Emmy Awards.

"I had always wanted to meet Oprah... she's amazing," Armitage said of a photo he shared on Instagram with the queen of talk shows. "When I met Miss Oprah, I thought... my grandmother... she loves Oprah, so I thought, 'If I can get that picture, I can make her envious," he recalled. "Then I got the kiss which was even better."

Met Miss @oprah !!

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The young actor, who also starred in Big Little Lies, went on to talk about his experience working on Young Sheldon and being coached by Jim Parson who plays the adult Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. Parson was a fellow guest on the episode of Ellen.

"It's terrr-mendous. He is awesome and I love him so much. He's such an incredible Sheldon coach... which is sort of a given," he said.

Armitage previously revealed he had a special kind of pact with his parents, actor Euan Morton and theatre producer Lee Armitage. "As long as I stay the kind of boy that I am and keep my end of the bargain, I can do it. We do have talks sometimes. I have a great mother, she's good at reminding me how to be a good person," he told the LA Times in September.

When DeGeneres asked about the pact, he explained: "It's sort of perfect for me because I love being kind and I love acting."

Season 1 of Young Sheldon returns to CBS with episode 2 titled Rockets, Communists, And The Dewey Decimal System. It will air on 2 November at 8.30pm /7.30pm c.