Victoria Secret model Bella Hadid took to social media on Sunday (6 July) to share an eye-popping cleavage barring photo of herself, striking a seductive pose.

The 20-year-old posted a racy photo of herself with a knife pressed to her lips. Channeling her free spirit, Hadid donned red lipstick and titled her head back, and used a large butcher knife to partially hide her face.

Right on time!

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Flauting her cleavage, she is wearing a white night dress, with one side of the gown slipping down one arm. The image had certain artistic vibes to it, almost like a painting on a canvass. She captioned the post as, "Right on time!"

Fans are confused about her latest post as one user called it a "crazy" snap. The fan wrote, "Crazy pic!! Love your pose and the colors." Another noted, "You're fire babe."

Fans of the model also called her a "goddess" and wrote, "Bella Maria, you're a goddess." Another user commented, "Wow awesome, cool pic. Pretty much everything you. Cute and a lot for you."

Some users confused her with singer Rihanna. "Thought this was Rihanna. You look beautiful!" wrote a follower of hers as another noted, "I thought it was Riri at first lol"

"I thought that was Rihanna for a sec," noted another user.

The American fashion model covered this year's August issue of InStyle, and said in an interview with the Magazine that "working this much is going to give me a better platform to do bigger things in the world."

She continued, "I'm not saying I don't love my job, but people think modeling is a bullsh— thing to become more famous. I was 100 percent independent by the time I was 18, and I paid for my own apartment. That wasn't because of my parents. I worked my ass off for two years."