Tanya Burr
Fans have applauded Tanya Burr for promoting a "normal" body image on social media Jeff Spicer / Stringer

YouTube star Tanya Burr has been hailed an "inspiration" for promoting a healthy body image on Instagram with her latest snap. The British vlogger is currently sunning herself on holiday in Capri, Italy with her husband Jim Chapman and shared a bikini photo which has won praise from her millions of followers.

In one image, Burr, 28, is sitting on a towel wearing a swimsuit which highlights her curves while another, posted on 6 August, shows the vlogger laying down in a white two-piece bikini displaying her taut and toned abs.

The YouTuber was immediately flooded with positive messages under each picture with many hailing Burr's curvy figure "body goals". One of her 3.2 million followers commented: "You have such a normal achievable body, very inspiring."

Another supporter encouraged: "It's good to see a woman in a woman's body. I'm fed up of seeing underweight skinny starved bodies on social media. You have a great attitude to health and I'm sure your influence on a younger generation is much needed."

In a lengthy message, one other fan said: "Tanya you are so beautiful and inspiring. I have a similar body shape to you and every time I see you it reminds me that I don't have to be skin and bones to look beautiful, I just need to look healthy and take care of myself. You express such a positive message; you eat healthy, you workout and as a result you look strong and toned. Thank you for challenging the mental struggles society has planted in my head. More power to you."

Reacting to the abundance of praise, Burr later thanked friends and fans for their complimentary messages in a brief Instagram story. The online sensation said: "I really wasn't expecting those kind of comments at all and everyone was just so nice... It was so lovely to get a load of nice comments."

Spent all morning here dozing in the shade ☀️🙌🏻

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The positive reaction is a stark u-turn to the summer of 2016 when Burr was body-shamed and accused of editing her bikini photos on Snapchat. After paparazzi photos from her Miami holiday emerged, Burr told fans: "Paparazzi shots are always going to be unflattering because they photograph in direct sunlight. Of course I'm going to stand in a flattering position so i look better but I don't edit them."

In recent months, Burr has adopted a strict bootcamp-style fitness regime and often trains with her husband and fellow vlogger Chapman. One video posted on her YouTube channel in May was titled What I'm Doing To Get In Shape and featured a clip of Burr going to the gym and detailing her new fitness lifestyle.

Boat day 🌊💕☀️🇮🇹

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Burr explains: "I've been going to the gym lately and it's been making me feel really good... I have had personal trainers in the past but I've been very like, I'll go once a week and I'll dread and it won't want to go."

Detailing how exercising is also beneficial for her mental state, Burr continued: "We do a lot of cardio and weights and it just makes me feel really good. Obviously it's good for my body but also just so good for my mind because I'm so busy at the moment with work – I'm doing my third book, I've just had my first acting role, Tanya Burr cosmetics is really full-on.

"On top of that just trying to keep up with YouTube videos and everything that I do, my brain can sometimes just get so full that I can't sleep and feel really wired all of the time and get quite stressed. But when I do a workout, it just makes me feel like all of that stuff goes away. It's a pretty amazing solution."

Watch Tanya Burr detail her gym routine: