I have a wife!

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Congratulations are in order for YouTube vloggers Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman who have just married. The happy couple and their famous friends were able to keep details of the nuptials under wraps much to the surprise of their millions of subscribers.

Burr, 26, and Chapman, 28, tied the knot at Babington House, Somerset on 3 September but only announced the joyful news a few days later. Alongside a black and white photo of the couple sharing a kiss moments after saying their vows, beauty blogger Burr tweeted: "We did it... So in love," while Chapman added: "I have a wife!"

YouTube vloggers in attendance at the countryside ceremony included Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes aka Pointless Blog, and vlogging couple Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart. Wishing the couple an online congratulations, Zoella tweeted: "Congratulations to my friends@tanyaburr & @jimalfredchapman on their beautiful wedding. Thank you so much for having me I had the best time and I love you both so much! This is me & @niomismart before the wedding, we unintentionally matched x#JimandTanyaGetMarried."

In a new YouTube vlog titled: "We Did It", posted on 6 September, Chapman reveals details of their wedding for the first time, telling his 2.3m subscribers: "It was honestly the most magical day ever. But now I am a husband and I just want to be a husband for a while. We're going on a honeymoon next week and I want to just hang out with my wife and not film anything so I'm going to have a little while off the channel."

We did it!

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With my beautiful friends @zozeebo and @niomismart #jimandtanyagetmarried ???

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Joking about his new wife's interesting choice of films, Chapman then quipped: "The reason I'm filming this right now is because she's downstairs watching High School Musical 3 and I thought I'll either divorce her or film this video." Explaining how he feels in his new life as a husband, the vlogger revealed: "Honestly, I feel absolutely incredible. I didn't think anything would change, I thought 'Okay, I've got a ring now, everything carries on as usual'. But actually I did feel really special."

The couple met and began dating in 2007 before their online fame and Chapman proposed to the vlogger and aspiring actress in 2012 during a trip to New York. He shared the moment just before and after he popped the question in a YouTube video.

Watch Jim Chapman discuss his wedding to Tanya Burr: