Qhubekani Masuku was arrested has been charged with bestiality after alleged being caught having sex with a donkey.

A 26-year-old man from Zimbabwe has been remanded in prison after allegedly being caught having sex with a donkey.

Qhubekani Masuku of Makondo Farm, Nyamandlovu was arrested in March after his neighbours discovered him groaning and screaming in excitement while having intercourse with the beast.

The farmer was taken into custody by police and charged with bestiality. The local magistrate said its decision to remand Masuku is to protect donkeys at Makondo Farm from being 'sexually abused' by him.

Masuku reportedly wept tears of anguish when told that he would be remanded in prison until his trial.

A witness told the police that he grew suspicious after he spotted Masuku steering a female donkey into the bush.

After following the suspect, the informant claimed he witnessed Masuku unzip his trousers, take out his "hosepipe" and begin having sex with the animal.

He alleged that even when he confronted the accused in the midst of his love-making session, Masuku reportedly remained unfazed and continued forcefully having sex with the domestic animal.

When asked what he was doing, the seemingly tired Masuku is reported to have replied "Nothing".

Masuku is to be examined by government doctors to assess his mental health.

The trial follows a similar case in America four months ago, when a Florida man was convicted of engaging in sexual activity with a miniature donkey.

Carlos Romero, who had been arrested on bestiality charges in September, pleaded guilty in December as part of a plea deal, and was sentenced to one year's probation and a $200 fine.