The 100 season 3
Full cast of the hit CW series The 100 The CW

There is some good news for fans of The CW show The 100. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg has shared some tid-bits about the show's season 3 premiere date.

Replying to a fan query about season 3's return date, Rothenberg teased via Twitter that the post-apocalyptic show will return "mid-season." Filming for the upcoming season has been going on since July, and according to The 100 writer, Jo Garfein, the teaser for season 3 is amazing.

Also, since fans have to wait for long till the premiere, maybe a teaser-trailer will keep them hooked to the show. Given that the teaser is already filmed, fans can expect some footage featuring its lead characters, Clarke, Bellamy and Lexa, soon enough.

Alycia Debnam-Carey previously teased a "ferocious love triangle" between Clarke, Lexa and Bellamy in an interview. Carey, who plays Lexa, told The Wrap, "Anyone would be great to work with, they're all so brilliant. I think it would be interesting if Bellamy [played by Bob Morley] had more to do with Lexa.

"That would be an interesting dynamic because obviously, you know, he's got some feels for Clarke, we can all see that. And obviously Lexa does. So [to see them fight over Clarke], I think that would be kinda cool to see, why not? I'm sure fans would love that one, the love triangle. Or maybe they'd hate it. It would be very ferocious!" Debnam-Carey added.

The 100's season 2 finale saw Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) using radiation to kill all the Mountain Men, including Maya (Eve Harlow). By the end of the episode, Clarke decides to leave Camp Jaha.