The 100 season 3
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The hit CW show The 100 has been on a hiatus since March 2015 and fans are awaiting for the show's third season to premiere. Filming for season 3 is currently underway and executive producer Jason Rothenberg has shared some interesting details about the upcoming promo of the show on Twitter.

Rothenberg, who has been regularly sharing updates from the sets, promised some big news about the show's upcoming season was on the way. He tweeted:

Ever since, Fans are speculating that the "big news" could be about the season 3's premiere date, which is rumoured to be sometime in January, 2016. The producer also shared some details about season 3's epic trailer, hinting that the big announcement could be about season 3's promo. He tweeted:

The season 2 finale saw Bellamy and Clarke using radiation to massacre everyone at Mt Weather, and leaving Camp Jaha to clear her conscience. The third season will see Bellamy in the role of the leader in Clarke's absence.

Earlier, Eliza Taylor who plays Clarke said, "What she did at the end of the season was so huge and traumatic. She's running away, which is very un-Clarke-like. When we pick things up, I think she's going to be losing it a little ... She's not dealing with it particularly well."

Speaking about Clarke and Bellamy's finale fallout, Rothenberg told E! News, "He was hoping that they'd finally be able to now come home and have some sort of normalcy. They've made it! They're back! 'Let's go have a drink,' he says, before he realizes she's not coming in."

Rothenberg explained that even though Clarke had left Bellamy, who let her go with a kiss on the cheek, followed by a "may we meet again" comment, that does not mean their connection is gone too.

"It's clear to me that these two people have come to need each other and respect each other and love each other on some pretty deep level," Rothenberg said.