Emergency Services at London's Apollo Theatre
80 people are reported to be injured after the roof of The Apollo Theatre collapses. Twitter

Four people are reported to be seriously injured after the roof of London's Apollo Theatre collapsed.

The London Ambulance Service has confirmed there are 80 walking wounded, 4 people seriously injured and no fatalities.

Spokesman for the London emergency services Nick Harding said: "There were about 720 people in the auditorium when the ceiling came down there are 80 injured altogether, 4 of them quite seriously. We are not sure of their injuries quite yet, but we believe they are seriously injured.

"Our crews have worked very hard to make the area safe and help bring the four serious casualties out on stretchers.

"There was a lot of dust , a lot of debris. It was quite a chaotic scene with a lot of people to evacuate and all 80 of those are on their way to hospital.

Mostly with cuts and bruises, head injuries as you'd expect, shocked people who didn't expect something like this on a night out before Christmas. It's a very serious incident but we have been lucky there have not been more serious injuries and fatalities."

8 fire engines, 10 ambulances and search and rescue services attended the accident

The nearby Gielgud Theatre is being used as a triage centre, while those able to walk have been transported to hospitals by London buses.

Anyone worried about audience members are advised to try to contact family and friends directly.

An emergency contact number will be released for more information.