Irish-American actor Pierce Brosnan, famous for playing James Bond, was recently stopped by airport security officials at the Burlington International Airport in Vermont when he tried to board a flight with a 10 inch hunting knife in his hand luggage on Sunday (2 August).

Brosnan, 62, was reportedly embarrassed and angry when the knife was taken away by Transportation Security Administration agents.

Lieutenant Shawn Burke from the Burlington Police Department said the actor was "encountered by TSA at one of their checkpoints" and was allowed to continue his journey after the issue was resolved.

The Daily Mail said that Brosnan was travelling with his 14-year-old youngest son Paris when a TSA officer pulled him aside after the knife showed up during routine scanning of his carry on shoulder bag.

According to an eyewitness, the actor appeared 'furious' and affronted as the TSA officer took out the folding hunting knife. Sharp objects and sporting goods including spear guns, baseball bats and bows and arrows should be placed in checked luggage, according to TSA rules.

The newspaper said seasoned traveller Brosnan, who was believed to be flying to Detroit, appeared shocked by the turn of events and was heard saying to his son: "I can't believe they're doing this."

Brosnan who had removed his belt for security screening was patted down before taken to a private room for a secondary screening, the newspaper said. He emerged a short time later and was asked to go through the security scanner again.