Ethan Couch
Ethan Couch was arrested in Mexico in December 2015 Reuters

After killing four people in a drunk-driving crash, getting probation and fleeing to Mexico, infamous "affluenza teen" Ethan Couch has been sentenced to two years in jail. Couch, who was sentenced as he appeared in adult court in Texas for the first time after he recently turned 19, received 180 days for each of the four deaths in the 2013 crash.

Couch became well-known after a psychologist testified on his behalf saying that while he may have been driving drunk at the time of the crash, he was not responsible because he had been horribly spoiled by his affluent parents, and suffered from "affluenza." Couch was sentenced only to probation. The judge ruled that Couch did not deserve any jail time as he was in need of treatment and rehabilitation himself.

But Couch soon fled to Mexico. Once there, he spent some $2,000 (£1,360) on prostitutes and booze at a club frequented by drug kingpin El Chapo.

Couch, who was finally found and extradited back to the US, had always faced the possibility of time behind bars once he became an adult and his case was moved out of the juvenile system.

The initial sentence of 10 years of probation that Couch received in juvenile court outraged prosecutors, the public and relatives of the victims.

Crouch had three times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood when he ploughed the family pickup into a group of people helping a driver with a disabled vehicle on the side of a road. The crash killed the stranded motorist, a minister, and a mother and daughter who had come out of their nearby home to help the motorist.

After it was discovered he was drinking at a party after his trial, violating the rules of his probation, he fled with his mother to Mexico.