Now that the iPhone 12 series has been unveiled, it seems that Apple might be done with hardware reveals for 2020. However, based on rumours, there might be more products that are yet to be announced. These include the ARM-based processor Mac, AirPods Studio, and AirTags. The latter was initially speculated to debut alongside the headphones and flagship smartphones but might have been postponed for reasons unknown. However, insiders are hinting that it might be launched soon, and in two sizes.

Several months ago, data miners spotted lines of code in an unreleased copy of iOS 14 that referred to an app. Furthermore, sources also shared support videos that explicitly listed "AirTags" within the "Enable Offline Finding" option under the Find My app. What followed after were leaks of purported renders of the accessory which shows a circular white disc with a metal section that shows the iconic Apple logo right in the middle.

This comes as a surprising news, especially when it was earlier hinted that the AirTags might ship out in March 2021 due to manufacturing difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, there appears to be a huge turnaround as new information claims that it could be unveiled together with the rumoured full-sized headphones. MacRumors reports that a Twitter user named @L0vetodream – with a reliable track record of Apple-related leaks – posted two cryptic messages.

The first one read: "Big one small one coming soon" while the one that followed listed "tag TAG." So far, it remains unclear as to why there might be two sizes, but it is likely a design choice to make it more portable. One could be intended for items such as keys, wallets, and other essentials. Meanwhile, the larger version could be attached to devices such as laptops, tablets, and more.

Based on previous reports, the option to track lost items via the AirTags will be integrated with the Find My app. Additionally, renowned Apple insider Jon Prosser claims that tracking devices will be slightly bigger than a bottle cap, which gives people an idea of what to expect.

Apple iPhone 12 reveal event announced
Apple is expected to unveil as many as four new iPhones at an October 13 online event, possibly with superfast 5G wireless capability AFP / Josh Edelson

There has been no mention as to how the AirTags will be attached. The images clearly show there are no sections that can allow users to attach it to a key ring. Others guess it might use powerful magnets to securely stay in place. As for the battery, the debate continues regarding if it will use replaceable button cells, or use a rechargeable one integrated that can be charged via a MagSafe charger similar to the one revealed during the iPhone 12 showcase.