Alien Isolation
The Alien stalks in CA's terrifying horror. Sega

Alien Isolation and Total War: Attila developers The Creative Assembly have confirmed work on a new "AAA blockbuster" through two job listings on its website. Each position requires experience in PS4, Xbox One and PC development.

"We are creating another multi-platform AAA blockbuster and the successful applicant will be part of a team which allows our game experience to be shared," reads the first job listing, which advertises a position as an online/multiplayer programmer.

The second listing is for a graphics programmer to work as part of the studio's engine team "at the cutting edge of interactive graphics technology."

One of the lists is headed with a screenshot from Alien Isolation – Creative Assembly's critically and (eventually) commercially successful survival horror game which has shipped close to two million units and won multiple industry awards.

A sequel seems likely, and it may well be Creative Assembly's next project. If that's the case then the listing for an online multiplayer position is quite intriguing. The listing's page lists responsibilities relating to online features and infrastructure, so doesn't outright say multiplayer in the same sense as something like Call of Duty.

Isolation was a successful horror and really the first Alien tie-in to really capture the feeling of that first film. It had problems – here is IBTimes UK's review – but was a good starting place for a strong series. It's ending left things open enough to allow for a sequel.