Tesla electric semi truck
Tesla semi truck image allegedly surfaces on Reddit PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP/Getty Images

Weeks ahead of official unveiling, an alleged image of Tesla's electric semi truck has surfaced on the internet.

Tesla plans to show off its fancy electric semi truck later this month, but Reddit users have already nabbed what could be the first real-world look of the company's upcoming big rig. An image that appears to show Tesla's electric semi on a flatbed was overnight posted, deleted, and reposted on the platform.

According to a report in Verge, Tesla denied commenting on the purported image citing its policy on speculations, but the vehicle shown in the leaked picture boasts features, which appear to fall pretty much in line with the image CEO Elon Musk, who has been teasing Tesla's heavy-duty truck since April, shared a while back.

The image posted on Reddit reveals the side as well as front looks of a silver truck, with a clean, aerodynamic design, without any kind of grille.

The headlights of the vehicle also seem to curl back the same away as shown the image posted by the billionaire.

Among other things, the detached fairing of the vehicle – which cuts wind resistance – appears on the extreme left side of the shot.

Until now, apart from one teaser image, Tesla has not given away too many details about its upcoming electric big rig, with no word on the hauling ability or range of the truck. Back in August, Reuters reported that the truck could have a range of 200-300 miles.

It is also unclear if these vehicles would have autonomous capabilities. In another report, the news outlet hinted Tesla's efforts could be towards development of an autonomous semi, which would move in "platoons," or convoy formation, following a lead vehicle.

The initial introduction of the electric truck was scheduled for September, but last month, Musk tweeted that unveiling and test-drive of the unreal 'beast' has been pushed to 26 October 2017.