Days after a model claimed that Amir Khan had sent her racy text messages in a bid to date her behind the back of his pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom, the boxer has responded by saying he is "no cheat".

The 31-year-old Khan has said he is a family man who is often the target of girls looking to use him to make some money. He has also said women messaged him first after coming to know where he was at via social media.

Khan talked about an incident that he claimed occurred after he tweeted about him having drinks with his friends at a bar in a hotel. Next time you know, he said, girls approached him as fans.

"I'm a kind guy. I'm not one of them who would say to someone 'Go away, leave me alone'. But what I don't realise is they'll have someone in the bar taking pictures of what's happening," Khan was quoted as saying by Daily Star.

He added, "I find it sickening. Why would people do that? Why would they say these things? Money. I think it's really sad. They're ruining my image and my name."

Khan's comments come just days after model Emma Bond claimed that he sent her racy text messages asking for a date before he and his wife appeared on Good Morning Britain.

"Amir's been saying he's changed his ways but I don't think he's got any intention of changing. He's a married man with a young child and a pregnant wife. I'm disgusted at his attitude. He seems so blasé about it," Bond was quoted as saying by The Mirror.

Bond has said they first started messaging each other on Instagram in August last year. At the time, Khan and Makhdoom were separated.

"I was single and he seemed a nice guy and I thought he was good -looking. But then they got back together I spoke out to warn Faryal," Bond has said. She has also said that Khan continued to send her messages even after reconciling with his wife.