14:18: The first day of the trial is completed.

14:07: In his opening statement Breivik's defence lawyer, Geir Lippestad, has made it clear that the defence's position reflects Breivik's opinion that he should be judged and therefore sentenced as sane.

" He does not plead guilty and he said that his basis for this is a legitimate basis of self defence. presumably he will elaborate on that in his full statement," Lippestad said.

"There are two separate reports [on Breivik's sanity] that have come to two different conclusions. I would to spend some time on talking about the definitions made in his statement and the importance of it.

Anders Breivik pleads not guilty at Norway murder trial IBTimes TV

"We can fully appreciate the beeaved parties' point of view and the fact that they don't want this court place to become a pulpit for defendent. It will veyr hard for relatives to listen to a statement.

"However, it is also very important that he has the right as a defendent to give his statement, both a right under Norwegian law and a basic right as a human. Also it is perhaps the most important piece of evidence that will be presented to the court for them to decide whether he is legally sane.

"That is very important to understand in this case. It's important to hear the planning and what he was thinking, and why he did what he did."

He added that Breivik's view is that he is engaged as a combatant in a war in Europe.

14:01: A full list of witnesses has been read to the court, revealing that around 150 people are expected to provide testimony.

Breivik is expected to give his testimony, which will not be broadcast, from April 16. This can continue until April 23.

13:42: The court has resumed. Holden has revealed that, since his arrest, Breivik has been subject to 31 interviews with police officers, totalling 233 hours and leading to more than 1000 pages of notes being taken.

Holden repeats the fact that two psychiatric assessments have been made of Breivik, each coming to the oppposite conclusion as to whether he is criminally sane.

When the results of the first assessment, which concluded that Breivik was insane, was recounted, Breivik stifled a grin.

13:38: The indictment facing Breivik has been published in full by The Guardian. The indictment gives the complete list of people killed by Breivik's attack as well as the full list of charges he faces,

13:32: A transcipt of the emergency call, believed to have been made by Renata Tårnes, 22, as Breivik made his way through the island cafe, methodically shooting his victims, has been reported by the Telegraph's Richard Orange.

"He's inside, he's inside," she said. "I canhear the shots. I'm in the toilet, I've locked myself in a booth. There's someone shooting, walking around shooting. Yes, there's silence, he's just outside. He's coming, he's coming. Quickly."

Tårnes survived Breivik's attack, but her boyfriend was killed.

13:21: The court has stepped out for its mid-afternoon break. One of the last images shown was an animated map charting Breivik's movements during his rampage, which lasted for the best part of an hour.

The red line shown on the map charts Breivik's movements across the island as he carried out the killings. (BBC)

13:11: A second call made by Breivik is played in the court, in which he again asks to surrender. When the officer asks what organisation he is representing, he replies "The Knights Templar Europe", a group he describes as being "against the Islamification of Europe and Norway".

"I have carried out an operation of behalf of the Knights Templar in Norway, but as this operation now has been completed it is acceptable to surrender," he adds.

As the recording is played, Breivik occasionally smirks to himself.

13:03: At approximately 18:00, Breivik called police from a mobile phone that he found. In the call he describes himself as "commander Anders Behring Breivik, of the Norwegian anti-communistic resistance movement.

Breivik smiled as he heard his voice in the recording, which can be played below.

12:55: As Holden recites Breivik's death toll, decribing the time and place of each death, the speed and ferocity of Breivik's attack is starkly drawn. Within seven minutes of arriving at the island he had killed 23 people.

Breivik's victims were trapped on the island. (Reuters)

12:51: The recording is being played and again Breivik remains unmoved, occaionsally widening his eyes.

12:48: People are being allowed to leave the courtroom before an eyewitnesses call to police is played. The witness made the call at 17:56, from the toilet of a cafe on the island which Breivik had just entered.

Holden warned that the recording would have a "a very strong impact".

12:44: Breivik's movements, as well as the details of who he killed, are being explained via an animated map of the island.

A map of the island is used to chart Breivik's rampage (BBC)

12:40: Holden will begin explaining the course of events on the island, in which Breivik killed 69 people at a Labour party youth camp.

The detailed event breakdown will include a call made by a victim on the island, which can not be broadcast. His messages to police will also be played.

12:34: Holden is now explaining how Breivik made his way to Utøya Island, dressed in a police - style uniform. He told a ferry boat driver that he needed to be taken to the island.

A picture of his van was also shown. In the back of the vehicle was a bag containing "Spanish riders" , which are metal hooks that can be used to deflate the tyres of pursuing cars. A shotgun was also found in the back, as well as an empty case, which held his rifle and pistol.

12:27: Holden shows the position of the victims of Breivik's bomb when it exploded.

Where the victims of the explosion were standing when the bomb exploded (BBC)

12:22: Trygve Sorvaag, freelance Norwegian journalist tweeting from within the court, wrote: "People are looking at Breivik. Looking for a reaction. No sign of empathy as he watches people being killed on CCTV."

12:15: Despite his previous displays of emotion on hearing his own manifesto, Breivik stares unmoved as footage of his attack is shown, allowing himself a small smile.

12:10: A series of animations are being shown of where Breivik placed the bomb vehicle, before he made his escape.

Bomb plan
The buildings Breivik targeted (BBC)

The image above shows the area targetted by Breivik. The second image, shwon below, is taken from an animation which saw Breivik drive the van (the small white square) to its planned position. He then made his escape. Footage of the explosion will be shown in the courtroom, with several affected parties being given time to leave if they do not wish to watch it.

The bomb vehicle is seen at where Breivik left it before detonation. (BBC)

12:06: Before leaving in the bomb car, at 14:09 Breivik attempted to send his manifestor to 8,109 email addresses. It only reached around 900 addresses.

12:05: The court has returned

11:55: Amid the forensic and distressing details of the death and destruction wrought by Breivik, it is timely to remember the strength and unity shown by the people of Norway in the face of a single tragedy that claimed more than double the annual average number of murders in that country.
Marches were held, floral tributes given, while Jens Stoltenberg, Norway's prime minister claimed the country would respons with "more openness, more democracy".

11:43: When the court returns, Holden will continue to document Breivik's movements on the day of the attacks.

Starting his description of that day, he said: "Breivik wakes up in his mother's flat. There is a lot of activity on the computer."

The activity Holden describes was Breivik preparing to release his manifesto, which he does shortly before leaving his the flat and heading to Olso's main square, before returning to the flat.

11:31: See below for a video of Breivik's opening comments on his refusal to acknowledge the authority of the Oslo court.

11:30: A Norwegian newspaper has reported that people in the country have become tired of hearing about Breivik.

According to Sky News the Dagbladet has added a "Breivik" button to its website for those people who do not want to read about the high-profile trial to avoid it.

Only 50 members of the public are understood to have taken up the offer of 139 free tickets that were made available to watch the trial's first day.

11:01: The court has broken for lunch.

11:00: Breivik has become tearful as he watches his manifesto being broadcast.

10:50: The court is being shown a video of Breivik's film trailer, "Knights Templar 2083", a film he made himself on Youtube.

Media organisations will not show the details of the film, which could contain graphic imagery. Also concerns have been raised that Breivik's world-view would be given too much publicity.

Before playing the footage, Holden said: "We have decided to screen this footage in its entirety. We are of the opinion that this films gives the court some information about the political stance and ideals and gives useful information as to how to assess and evaluate his statement that he will be giving."

A badge that Breivik photoshopped onto pictures of himself found on his computer (BBC)

10:47am: The court is heard details of how Breivik made the bomb which he placed in a van in Oslo, killing eight people in the explosion.
Breivik provided detailed drawings to the police as to how he made the bomb, the mechanism at the centre of which contained a toilet brush holder.

10:41am: The court is hearing a great deal about Breivik's personal life, which appears to show Holdon pointing out his tendency towards fantasy.

He was a keen player of the PC game World of Warcraft. A still was shown of his character, Justicar Andersnordic", which appears to represent Breivik's idea of himself as a Knight Templar. Holden claims that Breivik would stay at home, playing the game full-time.

Breivik's World of Warcraft character (BBC)

10:30am: Prosecutor Svein Holden is giving the prosecution's opening statement, in which he is painting a picture of Breivik.

He has revealed that Breivik, 33, is an ex-telephone salesman and customer service adviser, who lived with his mother until he set up a successful business selling fake diplomas. This gave him enough money to leave home and live alone.

Holdon addressed Breivik's claim that he was a member of Knights Templar.

He said: "There is one subject, in particular, that stands out. Namely that Breivik claims he became a member of the Knights Templar in London at a meeting in April 2002. In our opinion, no such network exists as the one Breivik has described."

Breivik, who gave a far right salute when he entered the court, has refused to acknowledge the court's authority. He claims he was acting in self-defence.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial: The Facts.