Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung

Users of the recent Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge high-end smartphones having subscribed to T-Mobile's wireless services in the US, can check their devices for a new Android 5.1.1 software update that should be available via OTA.

According to an Android Central report, that quotes a post in the XDA developers forum, users of T-Mobile-driven Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge handsets have reported to have received the Android 5.1.1, while Google is yet to make the update's rollout official.

Also, a new video that apparently details Android 5.1.1 has surfaced (via GSMArena). Take a look at the video below:

Users of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the T-Mobile network can check their smartphones for the new Lollipop and let us know about the rollout status in our comments section below.

The official changelog of Android 5.1.1 is also yet to surface, but Android 5.1 is widely regarded as a bug fixing update and is known to bring along the following new technical aspects:

New features:

  • Multiple SIM-card support
  • Return of silent mode
  • Device protection
  • High-definition (HD) voice calling
  • Quick Settings menu that lets users join Wi-Fi networks and control paired Bluetooth smartphones directly.

Major bug fixes (inherent within the older Android 5.0):

  • Fixes to app termination bug
  • Fixes to the Wi-Fi not connecting issue
  • Improved battery management functionality
  • Comeback of the Silent Mode feature that was absent within Android 5.0
  • Issues in "OK Google" voice-command addressed
  • RAM management improved
  • Fixes to audio/multimedia-related problems
  • Wireless connectivity bugs fixed
  • Enhancements in notifications
  • Regular performance/stability improvements