Metropolitan Police detectives investigating an alleged Westminster paedophile ring are also looking into three alleged murders.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse appealed for men who had been abused in the 1970s to come forward with potential evidence but said no confirmed identities or bodies of victims had been found.

The plot is related to an alleged child sex abuse ring with links all the way to Number 10 and involves claims children were abused at the Dolphin Square estate in Westminster.

In November 2014 the Met launched Operation Fairbank into allegations prominent MPs used the block of flats as a venue for child abuse.

One victim, named only as "Nick", claimed young boys were dropped off at Dolphin Square for parties where they were abused.

As well as the residential site, the investigation into the three alleged murders is also focusing on military facilities.

Last month the Met investigated claims by Labour MP Tom Watson of a sex abuse gang with links to government that operated three decades ago.

Detectives were also made aware of alleged non-sexual abuse as well as a possible murder.