Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 7
The Galaxy Note 7 departure will prove to be beneficial for the iPhone 7 range. Apple/Samsung

iPhone 7 sales may jump by 5-7 million units on account of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, estimates KGI. The firm says that Apple will be the direct beneficiary from the failure of Samsung's latest flagship recall and discontinuation.

Ming-Chi Kuo, well-known mobile analyst from KGI, says the eventual cancellation of Note 7 production gives the customers few options to choose from. While Samsung hopes customers will opt for its other flagships such as the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, KGI believes that Apple and Android manufacturer Huawei will be the biggest beneficiaries.

Google's Pixel phone is also a worthy choice for ex-Note 7 users, is also expected to benefit from the fiasco. However, out of 12 million Note 7 orders that have been recalled, KGI claims Apple will be able to reap about 50% of the customers with the rest being shared amongst other Android manufacturers that includes Samsung's own models.

According to this estimate , the firm says nearly 5-7 million ex-Note 7 orders are expected to convert into iPhone 7 sales. The sales for iPhone 7 here indicate both for the basic and the Plus model. In fact, users are more likely to opt for the iPhone 7 Plus on account of its dual camera feature.

While it is a difficult assumption to make, KGI says its analysis shows that these Note 7 users, who have already lost faith in Samsung, have little loyalty to a particular manufacturer and will easily be swayed to switch to iOS with many being ex-iPhone users themselves.