If your iPhone 7 home button has suddenly stopped responding, do not panic as Apple has cleverly built-in a contingency plan to fix the issue. The new iPhone 7 has an on-screen home button if it detects that the physical key is broken leading to speculation that the iPhone 8 may come without a physical home button altogether.

A user detailed how his iPhone 7's physical home button stopped responding, which led to a message appearing on-screen saying, "Home Button may need service. In the meantime you can use the Home Button below." A round home button shaped icon then appeared on the bottom of the screen of the iPhone.

Although it is unclear as to why the iPhone 7 home button failed in the first place, Apple has kept its software ready in case of failure. The home button on the iPhone 7 does not move but instead provides haptic feedback when pushed.

MacRumours, who first reported the issue from one of its forum members, says the latest backup mechanism may be a sign that Apple could completely ditch the physical home button from 2018 and opt for an icon like this one. It has been speculated earlier that the iPhone 8 in 2017 will be giving the home button a miss.

Analysts have predicted that the iPhone 8 will be drastically different in look and design, which includes the possibility of a glass enclosed frame for the phone. Apple stuck to minimal hardware design changes with the iPhone 7 range with many believing it will pull out a refreshed look for its 10th anniversary celebration of the iPhone due in 2017.