Apple has finally fixed the bug that prevented Safari users from opening Twitter's short URLs, after updating to the latest OS X El Capitan version. Mac users had complained about the Twitter bug on Apple Support Communities and developers discovered that it was the OS X update, El Capitan for Mac that affected Twitter links.

The bug prevented Mac users from opening the shortened "" URL. Users said that after clicking the shortened link on Safari, an error message would show up saying "server is non-responsive".

However, when the same links were opened on Google Chrome or Firefox, they worked fine. Moreover, some users noted that the bug caused Safari to direct the Twitter links to an "https" web address and on removing the "s" from the address, in some cases, the link would be restored.

Apple soon acknowledged the issue and in January, Apple developer Timothy Hatcher confirmed that a solution for the issue had been identified.

On 11 February, developer Deiter Komendra tweeted that Apple had fixed the bug in its latest update of the OS X El Capitan software program, Mac Rumors reported. The issue has been fixed in the 10.11.4 OS X update, which is in beta testing, but Apple's has not indicated when it will be rolled-out for the public.

While Mac users await Apple's latest update, those who cannot view the short Twitter URLs can temporarily fix the issue by removing the "s" from the "https" in the web address.