Apple Profits Drop $2bn Despite Record Revenues
Apps and songs purchased by mistake can now be fully refunded by Apple Reuters

Good news for anyone who has accidentally bought a game they didn't want, a song by the wrong artist, or a best-of album full of tracks you already have - European iTunes users can now return any digital purchase for a full refund.

In order to comply with new EU regulations, Apple has rolled out the 14-day returns service to iTunes and its App Stores across Europe, including the UK, Germany, Italy, France and many other countries.

Where previously orders could only be cancelled "until delivery of the product has started" - before the download begins, essentially - now Apple offers a 14-day return window where digital goods like apps and songs can be 'returned' (deleted) for a full refund. The offer includes all digital content, but not gift cards.

In an updated set of terms and conditions for the European market, Apple states it will refund users within two weeks of being notified of the order being cancelled, either through its Report a Problem feature, or via a written statement.

The system is not yet implemented in the US - because local law doesn't require it - and there refunds are addressed by Apple on a case-by-case basis; these include issues where technical problems have prevented the digital content from being downloaded and installed correctly.

Meanwhile, Google's Play Store already offers a two-hour return window for apps downloaded by all users, but European users get 14 days to cancel music subscriptions, compared to just seven days for customers elsewhere.