The next iPhone has entered production at Apple's Chinese factories and will feature Force Touch on its 4.7in and 5.5in screens.

Expected to be announced in September, the next iPhone - to be called either the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 - will keep the same screen sizes as the current iPhone 6, but will include Force Touch, a technology already used on the Apple Watch and latest MacBook Pros.

The technology measures how firmly a user is pressing the screen, opening up more gestures for developers to take advantage of. For example, tapping the screen will perform one action, but pressing firmly in the same spot will do something else. This could be implemented in games and applications alike, as well as iOS apps created by Apple.

Sources "with knowledge of the matter" speaking to Bloomberg have offered the first entry in what will be a long summer of rumours and speculation surrounding the new iPhone. With the handsets now seemingly in production, it shouldn't be long until photographs of the new model begin to leak out of Apple's production partners, including Foxconn in China.

Pressure-sensitive displays have been a hot topic for Apple for some time, with the first reports of them being fitted to an iPhone first appearing back in 2013. After two years of research and development, Apple will be hoping the innovative feature will be enough to lure consumers away from the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 and HTC One M9.

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