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More key details about Apple Reality Pro VR headset have been leaked ahead of its launch. Pexels

More pieces of vital information regarding Apple's long-rumoured Reality Pro AR/VR headset have surfaced online before launch. If rumours making the rounds online are anything to go by, Apple is on the verge of unveiling its first new product category in years.

Apparently, the Cupertino-based tech behemoth is gearing up to take the wraps off its first-ever mixed-reality headset. The word on the street is that Apple will announce a myriad of new products at the WWDC 2023, which kicks off on June 5.

In addition to showing off the highly-anticipated iPhone 15 series and Apple Watch 9, the company is expected to announce its VR headset at the event. Ahead of the launch, renowned Apple analyst Ross Young has divulged some significant information about the headset in a series of tweets.

Apple Reality Pro AR/VR headset: New leak

In his latest tweets, Young revealed the Micro OLED specifications for Apple's AR/VR headset. According to the display industry expert, the device will have two displays that measure 1.41 inches across the diagonal. While this isn't quite impressive, Young claims the AR/VR headset will have an astonishingly high pixel density of 4000 PPI (pixels per inch).

For comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro has a pixel density of 568 PPI. According to a Forbes report, this high resolution is due to micro OLED. In his next tweet, Young suggests the AR/VR headset from Apple "should be 4K per eye," which is remarkable as well. As if that weren't enough, he believes the device will offer over a whopping 5,000 nits of brightness.

Young further clarified this is peak brightness, but it is still remarkable. Apparently, the brightness will come in handy for HDR content. It is worth noting here that not all VR headsets support HDR. The brightness might be used to create excellent contrast levels and do everything HDR does. For instance, it can show detail in dark shadows and bright skies simultaneously.

Previously leaked key details

Back in 2021, The Information shed some light on the design of a late-stage AR/VR headset prototype along with its specifications. The report comprised an artist's rendering, which was based on a headset prototype. In addition to this, 9To5Mac shared a 3D render that drew inspiration from the aforesaid sketch.

The device seems to adopt a ski goggles-like design. The report suggests it will have an aluminum frame and curved glass front. This thin and sleek device could bear a striking resemblance to an Apple Watch and AirPods Max. According to 9To5Mac's Zac Hall, the headset could look like "an iPhone 6 after a couple of hours of use."

It will reportedly feature a couple of physical buttons as well. The right side could house a Digital Crown-like input, called the "Reality Dial," and the left edge might feature another button. The Reality Dial will reportedly come in handy for switching between VR and AR views. Likewise, the side button could be used for various functions in software.

For optics, the Apple AR/VR headset is expected to house multiple sensors and cameras. The device will come with an Apple Watch-style strap but with a few distinct differences. For example, you can only remove the strap from the right side, and the left side of the strap is one piece.

In March, AppleDB contributor Aaron discovered the latest Apple source code release with references to "realityOS." In addition to this, the source code mentioned iOS and macOS systems. Some past leaks suggest Apple's mixed reality operating system will be called realityOS. So, this was a massive leak.

Another leak implies the upcoming Apple AR/VR headset will not have a battery. Instead, wearers will have to put on a battery pack which will be constantly connected to the headset. The clasp on the right side will serve as the charger.