Apple has filed papers in a US court claiming another $180m (£120 million; €164m) from Samsung as part of its ongoing patent dispute with the Korean company. It is claiming the additional compensation in lieu of "supplementary damages and interest".

Apple also contends that Samsung owed it the additional amount because it has identified the sale of five more Samsung phones that allegedly violate Apple's patents.

The dispute dates back to 2011 when Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung, claiming the South Korean company violated the American company's patents by replicating the look of the iPhone. The case was ruled in favour of Apple in 2012, with Samsung ordered to pay $930m in damages.

But in May 2015, a US appeals court ruled that Samsung was liable to pay $382m less than the amount decided in the primary verdict since Apple could not protect the iPhone's appearance with trademarks. On 14 December, Samsung agreed to pay Apple $548 million but later filed an appeal in the US Supreme Court asking it to review the country's patent policies. If the court agrees to hear the appeal, it could lead to a retrial and perhaps a restructuring of patent laws.

In 2014, Apple and Samsung agreed to drop all litigation outside the US.