Quark VR wireless HTC Vive prototype
Apple's mixed-reality headset could feature an external battery pack, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. Quark VR/ YouTube

Apple's long-rumoured mixed-reality headset could come with a magnetic power source. While nothing is set in stone yet, some reports suggest Apple's wearable mixed reality headset could carry the Apple Reality Pro or Reality One moniker.

Still, details about the Apple mixed-reality headset's exact launch date are scarce. Despite the lack of an official confirmation, some shreds of vital information about the upcoming device have been popping up on the internet lately.

To those unaware, Apple is reportedly working on a headset that supports both AR and VR capabilities (mixed reality). Past leaks have shed some light on the hardware and software of the purported device. Ahead of the launch, more key details about Apple's mixed-reality headset have surfaced online.

New details about Apple's mixed reality headset leaked

There's a lot of hype surrounding Apple's mixed-reality headset. In fact, the American tech giant's CEO Tim Cook reportedly thinks the mixed-reality headset could shape Apple's future. Although it has been in development for quite some time now, the top executive is still mum on the status of the company's wearable headset.

Past leaks imply the wearable device will use a proprietary connector for charging. Furthermore, some reports claim the device will feature a USB Type-C port to enable data transmission. In his weekly Power On newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has now revealed some attributes of the wearable headset's battery pack.

According to the popular journalist, Apple is still struggling to develop an app that will make its steeply-priced mixed reality headset a must-have item. So, the Cupertino-based tech firm is trying another tactic. Reportedly, the company's mixed-reality headset will have two ports. The device will have a proprietary magnetic port that will come in handy for connecting an external battery pack that powers the headset.

The aforesaid battery pack will probably deliver only two hours of battery life. As a result, wearers will have to carry an additional battery for extended usage. Users can transfer data via the headset's USB Type-C port, Gurman says. Moreover, the charging cable can't be separated from the external battery pack.

You can lock it once it is in the device simply by turning the connector. According to Gurman, this design bears a striking resemblance to the MagSafe battery charging pack. Aside from this, he claims Apple may have decided to use an external pack to reduce the headset's weight. The device's low battery life is due to its dual 4K panels and the M2 chip. Notably, these 4K panels display the AR/VR content.

Now, the software of the headset has also been the subject of discussion lately. Gurman suggests Apple will offer a myriad of awe-inspiring software features with the Reality Pro headset. This approach is similar to the "scattershot" strategy Apple adopted when they launched the first-ever Apple Watch several years ago.

According to Gurman, Apple stopped supporting unwanted features and deviated its focus on developing features that are widely popular among customers. This includes payments, health tracking, and mirroring notifications. It is worth noting that these features are also available on other smart wearable devices.

However, Gurman has previously indicated that the Apple Reality Pro headset will have a slew of apps from the iPadOS. For instance, it will feature the Safari browser, Apple Photos, iMessage, Apple Maps, FaceTime, and other Apple services. Moreover, the device could have third-party apps that can be ported to xrOS, Apple's OS for wearable headsets.

Apple's mixed reality headset launch date

According to a Gadgets 360 report, Apple could unveil its mixed reality headset at the WWDC 2023 event, which kicks off on June 5. Last month, an open-source code from Apple surfaced online hinting at the Reality Pro mixed reality headset's imminent launch. In addition to a new headset, the company is expected to announce several other Apple devices at the event.

Gurman believes the headset could retail for about $3,000 (about £2400).