Celebrity Apprentice
Arnold Schwarzenegger in The New Celebrity Apprentice NBC

It seems like Arnold Schwarzenegger will be following President-elect Donald Trump footsteps once is starts hosting the reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice. The Terminator actor, who is replacing Trump in the NBC series, he said that he wants higher rating than his predecessor.

Schwarzenegger told to Entertainment Weekly, "I want my ratings a little higher than his [Trump's] was." The actor also commented on Trump continuing as an executive producer of the show.

The veteran Hollywood actor explained, "It's not a political show. We make no comments about politics. When I was building a career in Hollywood and I was a Republican, everyone said, 'Arnold you are going to fail because Hollywood is a very liberal town.' My beliefs are my beliefs. And you know what? They don't judge you by your politics in the end. People went to see my movies because they enjoyed the movies."

Schwarzenegger and the cast of the new Celebrity Apprentice – including Laila Ali, Jon Lovitz, Kyle Richards and Nicole Polizzi – assembled at Universal Studios where the former California governor was asked about his relationship with the president-elect.

Supporting Trump, the actor said, "Donald and I did not start our first connection because of this show. I run into him the last 30 years. We've been at the same parties, he comes to some of my events, so we have seen each other and talked to each other many times. I think when it comes to picking his cabinet, we have to give him a chance. We cannot judge anything after one month."

"Let us watch him go and get started before we go and start judging all the little moves. I only know this because it's exactly what happened to me [while governor of California]. Let's just wait ... and make sure that Celebrity Apprentice is very successful," he added.

Schwarzenegger will debut as the host of Celebrity Apprentice debuts on 2 January on NBC Network.