Arrow Season 3 Oliver felicity
Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak in Arrow season 3 Arrow/The CW

Although Oliver Queen made a heroic return to Starling city in the previous episode, his troubles seem far from over.

The Arrow and Felicity were seen having a rough time in episode 12, titled Uprising, where at the end of it, Felicity says: "I don't want to be a woman that you love," and walks away from Oliver.

Sure enough, tensions between the two are going to mount, with Ray Palmer playing spoilsport.

But, Stephen Amell has teased that Oliver and Felicity could come together in future episodes. He said this while speaking at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days panel.

"As for the future, I think there was a lot of truth to the notion -- in fact, absolute truth -- that Oliver wants her to be happy," Amell said of his character's relationship with Felicity Smoak.

"We go back and forth a lot over the next few episodes and then part of the problem is that Ray Palmer is The Atom, right? He's The Atom. And then we run into a scenario in the next couple of episodes where The Atom is not very happy with The Arrow, with Felicity right in the middle."

In Arrow season 3, Palmer had taken over his family's company, Queen Consolidated and in another episode titled Draw Back Your Bow, fans saw how jealous Oliver gets, when Felicity tells him that she is going on a work date with Palmer.

Now that, Felicity has agreed to help him with his Atom suit, there are rumours that the IT genius could join Team Palmer and his crusade.

So the question arises, will Oliver and Felicity's love bounce back after the Atom setback? We'll have to wait and watch.