All eyes will be on DC Entertainment and Warner Bros presentations at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, to be held in July. After reports teasing some big reveals at the event regarding WB's upcoming superhero films, an official schedule for the DC TV show's panel has released and it's sure to make fans go crazy!

"We'll most likely get a first look at Season 4 of Arrow and Season 2 of The Flash," states ComicBookMovie. There are also video presentations for Legends Of Tomorrow and Gotham, as part of the exciting lineup.

Check out the statement below.

8:00–11:00 pm - Warner Bros. Television & DC Entertainment Present: Super Hero Saturday Night Offers Fans a Look Inside the Worlds of Arrow, The Flash and Gotham, plus a Pilot Screening of Supergirl and Video Presentations of DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Vixen: DC fans ... get ready for another Super Hero Saturday Night! Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment will again welcome fans into the worlds of some of DC Comics' greatest characters during a three-hour super-experience in Hall H.

The exclusive evening will feature a pilot screening of the highly anticipated new action series Supergirl, followed by a Q&A with stars and producers; plus, individual special video presentations and Q&As with stars and producers from Arrow, The Flash and Gotham. Also, don't miss a special Q&A with cast and producers of DC's Legends Of Tomorrow and a peek at the new digital series Vixen.

Meanwhile, recently got hold of audition transcripts for Arrow season 4. One of the characters in the transcripts is called 'Simon' which the site speculates is actually a codename for Damien Darhk - the much talked about villain of season 4 who is the leader of the mysterious organisation H.I.V.E.

While the first teases a foreboding scene between Oliver and Simon, the second features a prisoner or captive begging Simon for his life. Despite the lack of context, both tapes not only seem to confirm that Simon is the forthcoming 'big bad' of season 4, reports Screen Rant.

Check it out below:

Transcript 1

Oliver Queen: So, you're on to him? The one Ra's?

Villain: I'm sure Ra's has told you many things about me. He was quite the storyteller – always concerned about myths and legends. As if he wanted them himself.

Oliver Queen: Why am I here?

Villain: For the same reason a boy is curious about an ant he dug out of the ground.

Oliver Queen: And you're the ant in the scenario?

Villain: No, I'm the ground, the Earth, the world. I'm the man even Ra's al Ghul fears.

Oliver Queen: So Ra's is scared of you? I'm not.

Villain: Only because you haven't gotten to know me yet.

Oliver Queen: I'm getting to know you now and I'm not impressed.

Villain: I'm not Slade Wilson or Malcolm Merlyn or any of the other pretenders you've dealt with before.

Oliver Queen: I defeated them both.

Villain: Sounds like you're ready for the main event then. It's graduate day, Mr. Queen.

Transcript 2

Unknown: Please, don't kill me.

Villain: Well, I hadn't made up my mind up about that to be honest, but I can tell you that the incessant whining isn't helping your cause much.

Unknown: I haven't done anything to you.

Villain: That's a matter of opinion. You failed me.

Unknown: I'm sorry.

Villain: Not yet you're not, but you will be. In that interval try to have some dignity at least.

Unknown: I'll do anything you want.

Villain: So, that's a pass on dignity. I was in your position more than once, vulnerable and someone else's mercy or lack thereof. It is a terrible feeling. It might be the worst emotion, worst than sadness or grief or loneliness. That's why I made it point not to feel it again. Family, friends, love, children, I cut ties with all of that. Now there's nothing I can be threatened with. I look at you and see your fear and there's nothing that I recognize. I have no fear, because of that. I show no mercy.