Arrow season 3
Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) on CW's superhero series Arrow The CW

Oliver and Felicity's relationship will be put to test in Arrow season 4, when the duo return to Starling City and Oliver takes on the Green Arrow identity.

Up until the end of season 3, fans mostly witnessed pretty dark and intense shades to Oliver/the Arrow's character, but that will change in the upcoming season, thanks to Olicity.

"The relationship with Felicity is the thing he [Oliver] aspires to in terms of a more positive, healthy environment," Arrow's executive producer Marc Guggenheim told Zap2it during a recent interview. "But can [he] do it while also a vigilante? That's going to be the two things pulling at him throughout the year."

All good things must come to an end and it remains to be seen whether Olicity will survive the challenges that are in store for the couple.

"While Season 3 saw Oliver at war with himself over who he truly was — Oliver or the Arrow? — he now realizes the truth," Guggenheim explained. "We knew in Season 4 he and Felicity would be together and the dilemma is going to be, 'How do I be both'?"

Looks like finding the balance will prove to be one of the major challenges for Oliver in the upcoming season. "How [does he] do it in a way that doesn't have [him] descending back into darkness like [he] was doing in the first three seasons?" teased Guggenheim.

When asked how Arrow will avoid having Felicity fall into the damsel in distress trap, Guggenheim replied, "We're going to avoid, for as long as we can, Felicity being kidnapped."

The "as long as we can" part sure does hint at some troubled times ahead for Felicity. But will the new villain Damien Darhk target her to get to Oliver? We'll have to wait and watch.

Arrow season 4 premieres on Wednesday, 7 October on The CW.