Legends of Tomorrow
Legends of Tomorrow poster The CW

The Flash and Arrow spin-off series - Legends Of Tomorrow - set to debut in early 2016 will establish the DC TV Universe in a big way. The show's producer and showrunner Phil Klemmer recently revealed some pretty interesting details about the tone and format of the upcoming superhero series.

"Ours will definitely be a little closer to [The Flash]," Klemmer told Screen Rant while talking about the overall tone and feel of Legends. "It's more like a caper, because it's sort of like 'Ocean's 11′, where you have a team of misfits, a dirty dozen, and they've been sent on essentially a suicide mission." (via ComicBookMovie)

The Flash is slightly more light-hearted as compared to the dark and intense Arrow. However, Klemmer did add that Legends will not be all fun and games.

"At a certain point, we will have darkness emerge and characters will betray one another and be tempted by the dark side. And others might not make it along for the full trip. And others might be lost in weird time periods."

Another very interesting aspect of the show that Klemmer revealed is that, unlike its sister shows, Legends Of Tomorrow will possess an anthology storytelling format [like True Detective]. "This season is meant to be standalone. It's not designed to go forever. It's an anthology show," Klemmer claimed.

Apparently, this anthology format will have a big impact on future seasons as well.

"The way we think of it is each arc, each season is its own separate movie," added EP Marc Guggenheim, "What we want to do is have each separate movie have its own identity. So almost to the point where each season was telling one big story that you could sort of subtitle, like the way you do subtitle American Horror Story, if that makes sense."