A mother from Queensland, Australia locked herself and her children in an RSPCA cage for two hours on Tuesday in a desperate bid to save her dog from being put down.

Helene Douma, 25, requested she and her children, aged from five months to nine years, be able to visit family dog Shadow at the RSPCA on Tuesday after Townsville City Council rules the dog to be destroyed, the Brisbane Times reported.

After entering the cage Ms Douma produced a padlock and locked herself and her children inside with their Staffordshire terrier so RSPCA officers could not get in.

A spokesperson for Townsville City Council said the dog had attacked another dog in February last year and was ordered to be put down after Ms Douma failed to build a 1.8m fence around her home or secure dangerous dog warning signs.

Police were called after two hours. Ms Douma and her children departed the cage voluntarily when police officers told her they would arrest her and put her children in to care if she did not cooperate.

According to the Brisbane Times report, Ms Douma updated her saga on Facebook as it unfolded, leaving an expletive-laden rant against police after their dog was put down.

"Good bye baby girl I'm sorry I tyred (sic)! I will lay you next to bear! :( love you!" she wrote at the end of the status update.

A spokesperson for RSPCA would not comment on the issue. Although the matter occurred at their premises, it was deemed council responsibility.