Two Australian tourists have been forced to perform a public "walk of shame" through the streets of an Indonesian island for allegedly stealing bicycles.

The man and woman, whose identities have not been confirmed, wore cardboard signs emblazoned with the words, "I AM THIEVE DON'T DO WHAT I DID..!", as they were marched through the streets by village chiefs and police officers.

It was reported by that the suspects, who appear to be in their twenties, were spotted on CCTV stealing two bicycles from the tourist hotspot.

Village chief Muhamad Taufik told AFP: "We interrogated them, made an agreement, paraded them around the island and forced them to leave Gili. The walk of shame parade is a regulation in our village. I don't know whether the police are charging them now, what matters to me is that they're [the suspects] now gone."

Being publicly shamed is a common form of punishment on the island of Gili Trawangan, central Indonesia. Parading those who appear to have committed crimes on the Gili Islands has been common practice for many years though its origins are unclear.