Batman Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight is the third and final Batman game from Rocksteady. Warner Bros Interactive

PC gamers are reporting major performance issues with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight just hours into the game's launch day (23 June). Negative reviews are pouring onto the game's Steam page, with players citing issues regarding stutter, optimisation and crashes.

Yesterday the game's system requirements were updated with an admission from Rocksteady that "There are some known issues with the performance of Batman: Arkham Knight for PC owners using AMD graphics cards."

Some people suspected foul play given the game's use of Nvidia graphics tech in the game, but anyone using either an Nvidia or AMD card is being affected by the problems.

The top-ranking review on Steam says: "The game will frequently pause or dip to sub-10 fps on a [Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card] when entering or approaching new areas. Cut scenes have similar issues to The Witcher 3 in that while in-engine they run at even less fps (by default the game itself is locked to 30, tweakable in the ini files) than the normal game making them stutter or appear stilted."

The review goes on to say that summoning the Batmobile in the game causes "major frame rate drops". Other reviews mention sound bugs, stuttering and poor textures. Another reviewer says how their game dropped to 23fps despite having a PC that "supersedes the recommended system requirements".

Console versions of the game on PS4 and Xbox One are reportedly running fine.

IBTimes UK has contacted publishers Warner Bros. Interactive for a statement.

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