Batman Arkham Knight
Batman overlooking Arkham Knight's gorgeous Gotham City Warner Bros Interactive

Batman: Arkham Knight was released in late June of this year (2015). The very next day, the PC version was pulled completely from sale by Warner Bros after a tide of complaints about performance issues that left the game essentially unplayable. A game-fixing patch was promised for August but was delayed until September – well over two months since the game first launched. It appears, however, that the patch is almost ready, with users on Steam able to opt into a beta for the patch.

The large update was soon removed by Warner Bros, indicating that it never intended for the beta to be open (usually, such betas will be closed), but some managed to hold on to the patch and were pleased with the results. "Running butter-smooth for me", said one user. Another added, "Just opted into the beta patch. Everything maxed, all gameworks settings on. 4GB used out of 6 (980i). Constant 60 [frames per second]. I think I might've dropped to 55 once when driving but it's butter smooth" (via Kotaku).

PC gamers sure like buttery smoothness.

Of course Warner Bros and developers Rocksteady shouldn't be celebrated for releasing the patch so late, or indeed for releasing it at all. The game should have worked since launch and neither company has done anything to make up for this massive blunder. The patch is unfinished, but a beta period is a sure sign that it will be released sooner rather than later.

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