Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Second trailer for Batman v Superman coming soon? Warner Bros

Warner Bros has confirmed it will showcase some new footage from their upcoming films at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) to be held in July.

Since the studio practically owned the event last year, when it released the first teaser for Batman v Superman, it is most likely that fans would be treated to some more footage from the superhero flick.

The studio announced their SDCC panel recently teasing "sneak peeks" of some of their upcoming films.

Saturday, 11 July: 10:30am - 12:00pm

Warner Bros. Presentation

A "sneak peek" at a few upcoming releases from Warner Bros.

Ever since it was revealed that Warner Bros showcased a DC Cinematic Universe sizzle reel featuring footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad, at the CineEurope trade show (on 22 June), fans have been speculating about what the new clip contains.

Here's what we think the second Batman v Superman trailer should showcase:

A Wonder Woman scene featuring actress Gal Gadot, suited up

Wonder Woman's role in the Dawn of Justice continues to remain a mystery. Previously leaked on-set images have revealed that the actress has shot some substantial portions for the film so a scene showing her suited up, would not be too much to ask for.

Lex Luthor in action

Jesse Eisenberg who plays Lex Luthor recently confirmed that he will be present on stage during the WB panel at Comic-Con, so fans are sure to get some more details on his role in the film. Apart from the image director Zack Snyner teased of Eisenberg in character, there is not much else to talk about Luthor's role. An appearance of the iconic villain in the second trailer will definitely change that.

It would also be pretty cool to see Aquaman and Cyborg show up in the trailer, but it's quite unlikely that the studio will reveal so much, so early.

Meanwhile, a new Instagram video posted by Seth Lee, Affleck's co-star on The Accountant, features the new Dark Knight giving us our first soundbite of his Batman voice. Now, this might not be an exact match to the voice we hear in the movie, but regardless, it's still a pretty cool watch. Check it out below: (via ComicBookMovie)