Ben Affleck was spotted with his old friend Matt Damon, after Jennifer Garner's interview about her failed marriage to the latest Batman was published. The Gone Girl actor and the Juno star announced their divorce in a joint statement on 30 June 2015, a day after their 10th wedding anniversary.

According to E! News, the Martian actor and the Batman v. Superman star attended the William Morris Endeavors' pre-Oscar party on 26 February. A source said: "They were very engaged with each other and looked very happy to be hanging out like old friends that didn't skip a beat. Ben did not seem like he was in the party mode but Matt was smiling a lot. Ben was more into just seeing Matt and catching up. When they first saw each other, they gave a man hug filled with love," the insider added.

Damon and Affleck have been friends since early childhood. The pair won their first Academy Awards together for best screenplay for the 1997 film Good Will Hunting which they both co-wrote and starred in.

"Ben Affleck was definitely in a mood," another insider told the website. "He was seen walking around alone not engaging with many people."

In an interview with the Vanity Fair, the 43-year-old actress talked about her split with the Argo actor. She said: "It was a real marriage. It wasn't for the cameras. And it was a huge priority for me to stay in it. And that did not work."

Garner also addressed the scandal involving Affleck and their nanny. She said: "Let me just tell you something. We had been separated for months before I ever heard about the nanny. She had nothing to do with our decision to divorce. She was not a part of the equation. Bad judgment? Yes. It's not great for your kids for [a nanny] to disappear from their lives… I have had to have conversations about the meaning of 'scandal'."