Nexus 5
The Nexus 5 Android was praised for combining a low price point with high processing speed.

The average user spends around 3-4 hours per day staring at their smartphones. Owing to this, you deserve a gorgeous wallpaper to make the experience more enjoyable. Most of you might be tired of the ugly default wallpapers on your Android smartphone. So, if you're looking for something clean and well balanced, then this guide from IBTimes UK should help you beautify your smartphone.



Easily our top option for wallpapers, Muzei is a wallpaper app that offers several features. First on that list is its ability to blur out the wallpaper, so users can focus on their app icons. However, a simple double touch brings your wallpaper back to focus, allowing you to enjoy its full and original resolution.

In addition, the app sources famous classic paintings and spreads them across your phone as wallpapers, and you can pick how often you want the wallpapers to change.

Owing to the popularity of this app, there are a host of excellent plug-ins that source wallpapers from a variety of places including popular subreddits, Nasa databases, ;photography site 500px and more.

500 Firepaper

500 Firepaper

If you aren't interested in Muzei's blur effect, then 500 Firepaper is a good option to go for. The app provides a live wallpaper and a daydream showing you the latest images from 500px throughout the day.



Another exciting wallpaper app, Facets delivers unique pieces of art on your device as high-resolution wallpapers.

All the images are part of Australian artist Justin Maller's year long Facets 'image per day' project.

Users get to pick from a variety of moods and concepts and each image has been perfectly recomposed and resized for mobile to sit perfectly on your home screen.

"A single purchase gets you the complete collection of work – no in-app purchases, no quantity limitations, just pure digital goodness forever!"

Wallbase HD Wallpapers


While this might not be the official app for wallpaper database, it happens to an efficient one. It lets you pick, set and save popular, random and tagged wallpapers from Wallbase's database of over a million wallpapers.

Wave Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers

Wave Live Wallpapers is an all round wallpaper app offering from tons of static image phone backgrounds to their flagship animated and interactive live wallpapers. Fully named Wave Live Wallpapers Maker 3D on the Play Store, the app stands out through its collection of 3D and live wallpapers with parallax and other animation effects, making it an interesting alternative to traditional static wallpapers. A unique feature of the most popular phone wallpapers by Wave is the option to interact with your wallpaper using a double tap.

The live wallpaper maker feature is very popular among its users. It's an easy-to-use tool for creating their own live wallpapers and static wallpapers from their photos and videos. In addition, Wave Live Wallpapers empowered their community with an AI wallpaper maker. Based on text-to-image prompts combined with a selection of design styles, creating a unique phone wallpaper is a breeze.

You can find an abundance of phone wallpapers on their website,

Moving on to websites, one of the best among the lost happens to be, which has a constantly updated collection of fresh Android wallpapers. If you like minimal patterns, gorgeous landscapes and radiant colors, these wallpapers should suit you just fine. There are also a few options you those of you with more sober tastes.

Other options worth considering include MobilesWall, InterFaceLift, and the Wallpaper CASA HD App. And if all that wasn't enough, here's a huge dump of amazing HD and Stock Wallpapers from XDA.

Did we miss any good wallpaper sources? If so, let us know about them in the comments below. Given that one can never get enough of mobile wallpapers, IB Times UK will keep adding more to this list of sources. Follow this list for regular updates.