Prince Charles's top aide Michael Fawcett has resigned from Clarence House for the third time, and is reportedly determined that he will not be coming back this time.

Fawcett dramatically resigned from his post as chief executive of The Prince's Foundation on Wednesday night over the "cash for honours" scandal after reports claimed he had offered to help a Saudi billionaire secure a knighthood and British citizenship in exchange for donations to the Prince's charity. A spokesman for The Prince's Foundation confirmed, "Michael Fawcett has resigned from his post as CEO of The Prince's Foundation."

Meanwhile, Clarence House clarified that the household will cut all personal ties with Fawcett as well, and would not be hiring services from his events company "Premier Mode" in the future. "We have all agreed to end these arrangements," they told Mail Online.

Fawcett's friends told the outlet that the scandal has had a "devastating" effect on him and he is left "heartbroken" and "shattered" by the recent events. "Michael has resigned and he will never be coming back. He has lost five stone in weight and is a shadow of his former self," the friend added. Another friend noted that despite his "many mis-steps" over the years, Fawcett had been a "loyal and faithful servant" to Prince Charles and played a crucial role in his philanthropic efforts.

Fawcett, who began his service to the British Royal Family in 1981 as a footman to Queen Elizabeth II, later joined Prince Charles's household as his wallet and slowly became his closest aide. He previously quit twice from Charles's household over bullying complaints and mismanagement, but managed to return to his inner circle on both occasions with even higher positions.

He enjoyed a close friendship with the Prince of Wales, but sources say that the royal was not aware of any link between donations to his foundation and British honours and was "deeply shocked" when he found out. A source said, "Michael will have no more dealings with either His Royal Highness or Clarence House from now on. That is absolutely clear. He's not coming back in any way, shape or form, that cannot be stressed enough."

The insider added that Fawcett has taken the decision to quit on his own as the investigation report in the scandal has not been finished yet. "This really is the earliest he has felt able to make any sort of decision about his future," the source noted.

A friend of Fawcett explained that he has made this decision because "he needs time to get through this crisis" and "wants more than anything to be left alone while he goes through this difficult time." "Michael isn't a well man – he has lost lots of weight and has shrunken into himself. No one is seeking sympathy, it's a fact. He has been shattered by this," the pal added.

Prince Charles
Britain's Prince Charles. Photo: POOL / Victoria Jones